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Light Rise Coaching

with Darla Reeves, CTACC

Navigating life transitions in career, health, and relationships, while promoting well-being,

and identifying next steps toward meaningful work, financial empowerment, and renewed horizons ~

My focus is to provide you coaching services that meet your needs, at your pace,

beginning with your agenda.

Monthly and quarterly coaching packages that include scheduled telephone sessions and unlimited email check-ins are available to fit your needs. So, wherever you may be in the world, with telephone or internet service, we can continue taking steps on your journey.

I approach life from a Christian worldview. At your preference, we can integrate

faith perspectives and prayer into our coaching sessions.

If you have questions, or to schedule a free consult/sample session, please call

or drop me a note. I look forward to hearing from you.

Darla Reeves, CTACC

Coach Training Alliance

Certified Coach

303-986-7046 office

303-913-0710 cell

[email protected]

Please check back later for updates to my website. There's more to come!

Why "Light Rise" Coaching?

Years ago, during a time of

loss and transition in my life,

Isaiah 58:9-12 was brought

to my attention. Since that time, these encouraging words have been, and still are,

life guiding words.

"...then will your light rise

in the darkness..."

Darla Reeves